Precision in Wire Sawing Mastery at Ralkore Ltd

Embark on a journey of precision and efficiency with Ralkore Ltd’s Wire Sawing services – the pinnacle of concrete cutting technology. Leveraging diamond beaded wire or cable, our wire saws redefine the limits of what’s possible in the world of construction.

A diamond wire saw operates by wrapping a diamond beaded wire around a concrete or masonry structure. It then passes through a series of pulleys, is tensioned, rotated, and pulled through the concrete, effortlessly cutting through materials softer than the diamond abrasive. The hardness of diamonds empowers our wire saws to tackle virtually any material with precision.

Benefits Of Wire Sawing

Cleaner Construction Areas

Deeper Concrete Cuts

Precision Cutting

Easy Access

Quiet Operation

Quick Cutting

Our Other Services

Diamond Core Drilling

This technique employs cutting-edge diamond drill bits, known for their exceptional hardness and precision.

Track Sawing

Ralkore utilizes track sawing to achieve straight, clean, and controlled cuts in horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Wall Chasing

Wall chasing employs diamond cutting technology to create channels in floors and walls. 

Brokk Remote Demolition

Experience the future of concrete and masonry demolition with Ralkore Ltd’s Brokk Remote Demolition services.

Maximize Efficiency with Wire Sawing

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