Precision in Concrete Cutting Walls at Ralkore Ltd

Welcome to Ralkore Ltd’s Concrete Cutting Walls services. Our utilization of the latest in High Cycle Electric and Hydraulic Wall Saw technology opens doors, literally and figuratively, to accurate openings for windows, doors, ventilation units, and the removal of entire sections of structures in materials like heavily reinforced concrete, brickwork, and stone.

What Sets Track Sawing Apart

Advanced Wall Saw Technology

Our Concrete Cutting Walls, often referred to as track sawing, harness the power of high-quality diamond blades to effortlessly cut through reinforced concrete walls or floors with an impressive depth of up to 1000mm. If your project demands precise and flawless cuts, especially in confined spaces or areas with restricted access, this is the technique for you.

Versatile and Efficient

Our wall saws boast unparalleled versatility. Their compact size and lightweight nature make them suitable for situations where heavier floor saws are impractical. Additionally, our wall saws are remotely operated, eliminating vibration and reducing noise levels, ensuring a more comfortable and efficient cutting process.

Benefits Of Track Sawing


Strength and Power

Ideal for Tight Spaces

Dust Collector


Creating crossovers

Our Other Services

Floor Sawing

Floor sawing utilizes a circular blade mounted on a spindle, guarded for safety. 

Wire Sawing

Wire Sawing harnesses the power of high-quality diamond blades to effortlessly cut through reinforced concrete walls or floors

Wall Chasing

Wall chasing employs diamond cutting technology to create channels in floors and walls. 

Brokk Remote Demolition

Experience the future of concrete and masonry demolition with Ralkore Ltd’s Brokk Remote Demolition services.

Your Precision Partner in Concrete Cutting Walls

If you seek accuracy, efficiency, and a clean cutting process, our Concrete Cutting Walls services are the solution. For further inquiries or to discuss your project, call us at 01 556 3353 or 0852349134. Alternatively, request a free survey or call back. Trust Ralkore Ltd for precision that transforms your structures with every cut.



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