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Concrete Cutting Walls

  Using the very latest in High Cycle Electric and Hydraulic Wall Saw technology, it is possible to cut accurate openings to form windows, doors and ventilation units, and remove entire sections of structures in materials, such as heavily reinforced concrete, brickwork and stone.

  Wall sawing is also called track sawing. Using high quality diamond blades, we can cut through any reinforced concrete wall or floor to an impressive depth of 1000mm.

 If you are looking to cut some walls, this is probably the right technique for you.

  Our wall saws are extremely versatile. Their small size and lightweight nature mean they can be used in situations where heavier floor saws are not feasible.

  In addition, our wall saws are remotely operated removing the occurrence of vibration and also it is possible to reduce the noise levels encountered by the operator.


track sawing

Typical applications include:

  • Straight smooth finished opening in walls, ceiling, and floor.
    • Accurately sized, fixture ready openings for doors or windows.
    • Create precise cuts in vertical or horizontal surfaces.
    • Cut access ways for staircases and elevators.
    • Create crossovers for mechanical services and cabling.
    • Confined Spaces / restricted access areas.

The Benefits of Track  Sawing

  Diamond wall sawing or track sawing is a circular blade on a track-mounted machine that is bolted to a wall. The track saw is then used to create openings for doorways, windows or ducts. Diamond wall saw systems can also be used for creating separation joints prior to demolishing a wall, and cutting openings where a floor saw would find it difficult to gain access. Track saws are able to maintain a safe working environment, cutting the concrete or masonry without any undue stress or strain to the structure or equipment. There are many benefits to using a diamond track saw when completing construction work on floors including:


  Unlike a regular saw, the diamond saw is capable of making very accurate and smooth cuts and it is entirely possible to achieve a perfect cut first time. Every cut you make using a diamond track saw therefore rarely requires further action.

Very strong and powerful 

  Diamond is the hardest of any bulk material and makes for very durable and strong construction equipment. Because of their specialist design, diamond track saws have great potential to make very long and perfectly straight cuts with minimal effort required.

Ideal solution for tight spaces 

  The track saw is the ideal solution for cutting in spaces that are difficult to access, as it is able to smooth cuts in even the most constricted of spaces.

Dust collector 

  Track saws, quite literally, produce very clean cuts. The track saw has a shroud for collecting dust whilst in operation, making for a very neat and easy process.


  Track saws have a very mobile design, allowing for the equipment to be moved between job sites easily. They are also easy to set up, allowing for the utmost efficiency for your project.

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