Frequently Asked Questions

What is concrete cutting used for?

Concrete cutting uses controlled sawing or drilling in order to form holes, passages, or opening in concrete structures and brickwork using blades tipped with diamonds for a precise, clean cut. Specialist concrete cutting machinery utilises water to minimise the production of dust, leaving a smooth, even finish for the work required.

Our expert operatives can carry out your concrete cutting project efficiently and quickly, allowing the next phase of construction to begin smoothly. Our team will either use hand-saws, or industrial grade machines depending on the depth and measurements you have provided for the concrete that needs to cut.

What is concrete core drilling?

Concrete coring is a core drilling technique that involves drilling cylindrical holes into concrete structures (floors, walls and ceilings) to accommodate new conduits, plumbing piping, HVAC ducting, reinforcements and other systems.

Various environments may have restricting factors, such as noise-sensitive spaces such as hospitals, healthcare facilities or schools. In this instance, core drilling produces less noise and vibrations than hammer drilling

What Is Diamond Core Drill ?

Diamond concrete core drills are most commonly used when coring out concrete structures. The drill bit typically consists of a steel tube that is impregnated with diamond beads on the drilling end. The open end of a diamond drill bit allows for a solid cylinder of rock, concrete to move up through the drill bit to be removed from the hole.

How does a diamond drill work? The diamond drill bit is slowly rotated with gentle pressure while it is lubricated with water or specialised cooling liquids to prevent overheating.

Compared to conventional core drilling equipment, diamond core drill bits are far more superior, with improved accuracy, reduced mess, noise and dust-free, and keep vibrations to a minimum. This is vital in the construction industry to help prevent flaws and reworks, especially when you’re dealing with architectural and structural elements.

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