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Concrete Cutting Floors

  Floor sawing is also known as concrete cutting, concrete sawing, floor sawing and diamond sawing. They all use the same method and same equipment.
  Our saws cut up to 500mm deep.

  This system consists of a circular blade mounted on a spindle. The blades are protected by a guard. Our petrol, diesel and 3phase electric floor saws permit achieve cuts indoors and no need for ventilation.

  This is a quick, clean and efficient method of creating uniform cuts in reinforced concrete or tarmac.

  A whole host of applications to cut flat surfaces such as concrete slabs, roads, pavements, bridges and car parks, drainage channels, cable duct channels etc.
  Structures typically concrete, can be removed or altered by cutting and breaking it out. We provide a full cut and break out service.

  We have a wide selection of diamond blades in many a varying diameter to suit all requirements.

Key features of Floor Sawing

  • Highly precise cutting of reinforced concrete and asphalt
  • High-powered, turbo diesel-engined equipment for external production Floor Sawing
  • Electrically-powered equipment for internal use
  • Split saws featuring component interchangeability for inaccessible areas
  • Demolition cutting for refurbishment
  • Can be used to remove defective concrete
  • Loop cutting
  • Precision cutting of joints using compact self-propelled saws
  • Low levels of vibration
  • Blade types to suit every application
  • Dust free
  • Fixed price contracts

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