Brokk Remote Demolition

Concrete and Masonry Demolition

This is concrete and masonry demolition of the safest kind. Rather than risking members of our devoted team, we send remotely operated Brokk robots in to carry out your demolitions. We use Brokk robots because they’re right for the job. They’re super powerful and they have a massive range of attachments, which make easy work of demolition. Access tight then don’t worry we have rubber tracks so we can drive them up the stairs!

Our Brokk robots come in many sizes and are just part of our impressive fleet – full of specially selected tech it means we’ll always have just what your project needs.

By sending in demolition machines, we can bring down any structure in a safe and controlled manner to reduce the impact on the site and surrounding environment. Brokk demolition machinery is the most efficient equipment in the industry, and our trained engineers can carry out demolition with ultimate precision, whether it’s for floors or walls or any other structure.

Recommended & Reliable

Robotic demolition is brilliant for any demolition project, but particularly when the situation is at its most challenging.

Our dedicated, specialist staff offer this service 24/7, and are ready and waiting to respond to your needs at a moment’s notice.


  • Noise restrictions
  • Space restrictions
  • Access restrictions
  • Exhaust fume restrictions
  • Safety restrictions
  • Time restrictions
Ralkore Demolation with Brokk 110

For further information on our demolition capabilities and how we can be of assistance on your site, contact our team today.

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Ralkore controlled demolition
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