Precision in Wall Chasing Mastery at Ralkore Ltd

Experience the epitome of precision with Ralkore Ltd’s Wall Chasing services, where we seamlessly carve channels in floors and walls for conduits, pipes, and various construction, plumbing, and electrical installations. Using abrasive or diamond blades, our professional workforce employs highly efficient tools to achieve precise floor and wall chasing, cutting to the required widths and depths.

No challenge is too great for our skilled team. We specialize in floor and wall chasing for all types of brickwork, blockwork, including plastered and rendered surfaces, concrete, and screeds. Beyond standard applications, we also undertake cutting for lead and asphalt tuck-ins and the formation of expansion joints.

What Sets Wall Chasing Apart

Quick and Dust-Free

Utilizing advanced technology and an attached vacuum, our wall chasing technique is quick and comparatively dust-free. The vacuum efficiently collects any resultant dust before it can escape, ensuring a cleaner work environment.

Precision Technology

Wall chasing employs diamond cutting technology to create channels in floors and walls. These channels are designed to house cabling or pipes, keeping them safe, tidy, and out of sight.

Benefits Of Wall Chasing

Precision Technology

Clean and Dust-Free

Versatile Applications

Conduit Chasing

Quick Technique

Tuck-ins and Expansion Joints

Environmentally Friendly

Accessibility in Confined Spaces

Our Other Services

Diamond Core Drilling

This technique employs cutting-edge diamond drill bits, known for their exceptional hardness and precision.

Track Sawing

Ralkore utilizes track sawing to achieve straight, clean, and controlled cuts in horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Floor Sawing

Floor sawing utilizes a circular blade mounted on a spindle, guarded for safety. 

Wire Sawing

Wire Sawing harnesses the power of high-quality diamond blades to effortlessly cut through reinforced concrete walls or floors

Unlock Precision with Wall Chasing

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