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   Diamond Core Drilling is one of the most effective and fastest methods of core drilling where operators use top-notch diamond drill bits to create holes and openings with meticulous details.

  Diamond core drilling  parts are considered the best tools for creating clean and precise holes in an array of materials such as metal, concrete, glass, and brick.

 Concrete Diamond Drilling is a perfect way of creating holes on concrete structures and other materials.

  Powered by electric, hydraulic or air, holes can be cut from 10mm to 1000mm to virtually unlimited depths which guarantees you solid versatility.

  Whether you need small holes drilled for wiring and plumbing, or huge holes for doors and windows, our team  specialist in diamond core drilling is your best bet.

  The precision and accuracy of diamond drilling combined with our years of extensive experience enable us to produce a higher standard finish with minimal risk of any structural damage.

  Our vibration-free technique minimises smoke and dust production, creating a healthier environment.

  Ralkore Ltd is the leading specialist on  diamond drilling contractor in Ireland.


Core Drilling

  We are pioneers in diamond core drilling, guaranteeing the roundest and smoothest holes, whether the material is brick, concrete or any other hard material.

  Our diamond core drilling machines can also be used in confined spaces due to their lightweight and portability.


  •  One of the biggest advantages of Diamond Core Drilling is that it’s a dust and vibration-free technique of creating error-free holes and openings on a wide range of materials.
  • It’s one of the fastest techniques of drilling clear-cut holes and making accurate openings on any material while maintaining structural integrity.
  • It allows Diamond Drilling Operators to work in confined spaces with ease.
  • Since no dust is produced while making holes and openings there is absolutely no health risk for the operators.
  • Since diamond is the hardest material in the world, it makes it easier for operators to create precise holes without putting too many efforts.
  • It allows the operators to drill holes on both horizontal and vertical structures between 8mm to 1500mm diameters.
  • Stitch Drilling method used to create larger openings.
  • Cutting with water allows for dust-free process.

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