Brokk Remote Alteration

his wirelessly remote controlled machine increases productivity and dramatically improves safety, with the operator being as far as 50m away from the work area.

The high productivity of a Brokk demolition robot coupled with the safety of remote control, places these machines at the forefront of controlled demolition field.

There is nothing to compare with a Brokk machine when it comes to demolition in confined spaces.

There are no fumes, no operator vibration, minimal dust giving good operator visibility and high productivity levels drastically reduce risks in such environments.

Additional benefits are the low weight of the machine allowing it to work on shop, hotel, offices and similar buildings. The Brokk machine can move itself up and down stairways, will fit readily into most lifts or can easily be craned into place. The machine has a high power to weight ratio, and carry heavy attachments compared to its size.



When utilising the crusher jaws, Brokk operation has low noise and vibration levels, making it ideal for use in critical environments such as hospitals, retail premises, offices etc. Manoeuvrability, together with the other benefits outlined above, also make the Brokk machine suitable for soft stripping offices and retail premises.